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Top 3 Trends In Christmas Lighting This Year

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It's hard to believe that another holiday season is upon us but, before you know it, Christmas will have been here and gone, with nothing left but a memory and some lingering good cheer. As more savvy homeowners make the wise choice to hire professionals for Christmas and event lighting, there's not even any holiday decor to take down once the season passes. It isn't easy to decide what the best part of hiring experts for Christmas light installation is - not having to string up lights or not having to take them down and store them!

You can still have a say in the design aspect of the project or leave that entirely to the experts at A To Z Softwash. Either way, it's time to learn about some of the trends for seasonal displays that may find their way into your decorations this year.

Making Spirits Bright

One surefire way to get in the Christmas spirit and help your neighbors feel less like the Grinch is by putting out the holiday decor. While the transition from older traditional lights to clean, bright LED lights is nothing new; it's still worth mentioning. Most professional installation companies rely on LED Christmas lights to create a winter wonderland, and one that's easier to maintain and more energy-efficient throughout the season.

Aside from LED, some of the more common trends you may notice this year are:

Meteor Shower Lights - Holiday displays, including meteor shower lights are increasingly popular this season. The warm, soft glow of the lights is made that much more spectacular with a vertical downward trajectory, which may also be referred to as falling rain lighting. It's stunning and adds movement.

Adding Vintage - One reason it's smart to hire professionals for light installation is safety; our new lights won't have wiring issues or be fire hazards. While vintage lights are neat, they're not safe. However, adding a vintage wreath or other antique elements to a modern light display is trendy this year.

More is More - Some years, simple and plain is trending. This year, however, add in all the whistles and bells because more is more is the fad for lighting and decorating. Don't worry about making it too busy because this year, displays should go all out to make a statement.

When it comes to DIY holiday tasks, stay inside and stay warm with a job like making Christmas cookies, and leave the holiday lights to our team. And hey, if we need to do some house washing first, we got you covered. Call A To Z Softwash for optimal Cape Cod Christmas and event lighting.

If you have questions or are looking for a Cape Cod Christmas Lighting expert, then please call 508-209-7795 or complete our online request form.

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