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What’s growing on your Osterville area home???

Have you ever really thought about what is all over your Cape Cod siding, roof and walkways? If you think it is dirt then you may be wrong!!! If it were dirt then it would come off with your garden hose. It’s simple as that, try rinsing it off with your garden hose and if it comes off…… great! Chances are though that you were not so lucky. Most of these algae and bacteria growths have root systems of one sort or another, Which is why they won’t come off with some hose spraying or rainfall.

They typically grow on the areas of your home that get the least amount of sunlight or in areas that are exposed to the most rainfall. In the areas that have less sunlight you have an increase in moisture. Bacteria, fungus and algae all thrive in moist areas. That is why sometimes a whole side of your home will look good except for the top foot, which is because of the overhang of your roof blocking off the natural sunlight to the soffit areas. Or it could be the exact opposite; the top foot could be cleaner if the soffit is keeping that area dry by blocking the rain. It is totally situational!

What’s growing on your Osterville area home

When we are hired by a customer to clean their home we are not just cleaning it, we are treating it!

Here is a picture of a home that was covered in bacteria and after we cleaned treated the shingles it looked brand new again.

Algae growth on your Osterville, Cape Cod home looks bad but worse yet is the fact that it reduces how long your siding will last before it becomes brittle and needs to be replaced. Insurance companies are even starting to force their customers to have their homes cleaned professionally or they could be dropped. (I don’t agree with this practice but all I can do is be here to help in those cases).

-Zach Maynard

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